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Patient Resource and FAQ's

We're looking forward to serving you!

Concierge Anesthesia Consultants (CAC) prioritizes proving our patients with the highest standards of service, safety and care.

Concierge is the Houston are's premier, boutique anesthesia group consisting of anesthesia providers focused on providing you with a safe, stellar experience while in our care. As a boutique anesthesia group, we are focused exclusively on office-based, day surgery and outpatient clients.

CAC has worked hard to assemble a unique team of anesthesia providers that are passionate about the anesthesia service they provide. This passion drives them to be wholly focused on YOU, the patient.  We term our philosophy as, "patient-centric"... safety first in your care, culminating in a tailored, positive experience for you.

Warm regards, 

Angela Daniels, President

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